Saturday, April 25, 2009

Selas and Berthis

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Moghann Kunderik, the Blood and Salt of the Earth

Niskantel, the End of the Road

Where the Shadow Road ends. The Northern tip of Gavin Wel Valley. .

map byMatt Decker

The Horrible Gran'aka, warrior of the People's army

Would you bring an abomination into the world to protect your country? Haven't we done that already?

The Eladrin Raelfaen family of Blendhaven

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The Rumors behind the War

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A History of Gavin Wel, 4500 years

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Gavin Wel Demographics, another version

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Elvish Civil War

civil war in Gavin Wel, not just for humans. click to enlarg.

Gavin Wel Valley Map and Key; CIVIL WAR

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The Path To Civil War

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Friday, April 17, 2009


The "Red," or The People's Army of Gavin Wel. Commanders of the Raelfaen Campaign.


The "Green" forces aligned at the Raelfaen Campaign against The People's Army of Gavin Wel.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The long road to the surface world

Defying comprehension, the party confronts the Blind Queen, Eleyan, as she takes flight in her horrible machine. The City Oromyr itself turns in a immense airship powered by Cathoid and takes flight into the Void.

Avari and Tiki phase out of the world. Tiki had explained to Tim that from time to time she hides her friends in the Shadowfel from Demonic forces looking for them. Now it was Avari's time as mysterious threats that are only known to the Tielfling hunt her friend.

Charging the Bridge of the flying City, the Party is assailed by many forces meaning to stop them including the Bulgara Demon which Tim destroys with many arows..

Walder finds the artificer Festil of Gildensong who was forced to design the engines for the Blind Queen's Terrible toy.

Zarconus encounters the six-hearted sentinals by the Queen and her ghost like pilot.
Walder destroys the pilot with a blightbane weapon and is instructed by Festil how to engage the self-destruct mechanism of Omonyr. At the moment of truth, Walder is tempted by the Final Sting Faerie who tempts the rogue with the power of the ship. He refuses, choosing friendship of ultimate material gain.

As Eleyan is revealed to be coupled in mind and body with Oamrissa and transformed into a Blightlord. Tim pierces a star above the elk-headed spirit of Oamrissa, destroying the six hearted sentinals.
Tim's mind is beshadowed by the Poison Elk Oamrissa who descends to stop Walder from destroying her ship. The theif attacks her and with deep cuts from his many blades, the blind queen is destroyed although the blight elk remains. Multiple blows reign down from the sturdy party. Walder is bloodied by lightning serpents.
With the ship exploding about them, Dezr the Orc who had slipped away returns with a small airship to rescue the team less they go down with the ship. Daggers and Arrows again fall upon the blighted elk as she continues to lash Walder. Finally, the rogue is able to again strike the fatal blow. The party grabs tokens and jumps into the small escape flyer and they ascend out to the surface out of the titan graveyard which the Void is illuminated to be in truth. The door that had been built by slaved dwarves, so the Blind Queen could unleash her destruction on the world had been the means of egress.
The party is quickly snatched up by Giffon riders of Gavin Wel and are taken to the lands of Starry Gardens and are welcomed by a large host!
cowritten by Matt Decker.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Shadow Shifter

Her name is Grey Easy, as that is where she is from. A scout guard for the mysterious, walking tavern known as Bethsmunda, Grey East was conscripted at an early age for her present job. She had never seen another shifter until she was 19. A strange family is the crew of Bethsmunda, which presently haunts the deep wilds of the Gildensong countryside. The Deathless prophet of the Raven Queen known as BeneOha lives on the third floor of this place which is a endless series of portals to all parts shadow. BeneOha tracks ghosts through the misty vineyards in her walking mansion as she believes the prophesized dragon mark of death exists in the confederacy of vintners in the Western Sorado.
Ellia Shadowsworn is the Lady of Bethsmunda and is a Doomguard Captain. She is wanted for the killing of over a dozen Bladesong knights.