Thursday, May 6, 2010

Syre Ferrus at the Arena of Kord, Niskantel

There is a whole line of theology that suggests the human god Kord and the Dragon god Bahamut are one and the same god. In the Dreamwater, they are both worshipped as powers of Storm.
The Arena of Kord at Niskantel is the single largest building in all of Ethilistyr.

Syre Ferrus bested a Rage Drake in gladitorial combat to the delight of five thousand people cheering on the young knight. He was rewarded with a blessing unto his blade.

Life at Spellshore on Ontovan

The fishing hamlet of Spellshore swelled to several hundred people when the Orcus Light was destroyed and the people wished to celebrate with the Wolf Moon consortium.
It was there Tim Tigean, the Sherriff of the Dreamwater joined the Consortium for the first time.
Aolbeth, mistress of Wind, had liasons with Wolfdog over the next several days and although short lived, true love was kindled.

The Figurines of Ebon Stone

drawings of the two figurines recovered by the Wolf Dog Consortium from the Cult of Orcus.

note: the writing is incorrect and refers to a event happening in larger Ethilistyr: The Nightbloom Elves are leaving, the Starbloom Elves continue to inhabit their ancestral home of Maralin.

The End of Damarius

Damarius was revealed to be the power behind the Orcus Light at KrakuniBognai.

For more information on Damarius see:

Damarius was destroyed by the WolfMoon Consortium and his ritual plate of Orcus was destroyed.

The Diamond Eye

In an ancient Khepathian building, believed to be a dormitory for priests of the dragongods, Mistress Arythia has founded the School of the Diamond Eye at Niskantel. A building with its own underground library, the Diamond Eye hosts a public library, the most complete in Ethilistyr, for the citizenry of the North Counties.

Monday, May 3, 2010

News from Femin

Rhyan Laurent finds Tim in the first, cold months of the new year 1111. She informs the Sherriff that she has just returned from the Northern Blight front of Femin. Which is no longer a front of War. The Black Army, as it is called under the commander of Lesha (A title that means war-commander) L'gasi Dakaan, is now over 15,000 strong and presents a major military force north of EthilisTyr. With the finalizing of the electric rail between Femin and Gavin Wel Municipality around the border of Dreamwater, Femin is poised, if it so wanted, to become a City-State unto itself. Already reports of trade with Minaux and Terrarion and other North lands are common and increasing. Beris is a land bereft of a true military force.

Rhyan continues her news with a grave report confirming Tim's dread of Wolfdog's rumor that they confronted each other with at Spellshore upon the closing of the Orcus light. Rhyan believes the sword of L'gasy is indeed one of the three swords of doom, RandelReign. An evil, immortal spirit who's will in bent and who's influencing sentience is keen. Along with Rendgrey and Anulgrey, Randel/Reign is a corrupting force. An possibility that must be undone.

for more on Rhyan and the Anethamancer, the maker of the Swords of Doom:

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The extinguishing of the Orcus Light.

Orasia, a warcaster priestess of Orcus who aided Damarius in invoking the Orcus Star to flare and shine upon Grakunibognai.

the beautiful and ancient Eladrin baths, once so lovingingly cared for by the Bullywogs, and then so blatantly vandalized by the forces of Orcus. Then liberated again by the Wolfmoon Consortium of the Talisman one month before the new year 1111, of the 6th age.

Friday, April 23, 2010

New book coming

I make zines for personal use which often use other people's art. Daotyr in its sixth age shall by published soon. A comprhensive encyclopedia. This is a working draft of the cover. It may just be the World of War and Wilds.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journey to undo the Orcus Star

The Bullywugs, ancient caretakers of the Khepathian baths, show the secret path to GraKuKiniBognai, a series of architectural, ancient anomolies that are infested with the abyssmal touch of Orcus. Beset on all sides by a perveted Undead legion of goblin kin, the party is found defending its life to resort this once pure site....

Two river trolls, who jealously guard the entrance to the Bullwug kingdom are destroyed by the crew warriors of the Talisman and treasured stones are found in their lair.

Deciding to take the Talisman to the ancient Bullywug Site of GraKuKiniBognai, The Wolf Moon Consortium hire two more hands: Fauster Kragnon, the HalfOrc priest of Melorna, a Dedicated servant. and Shivis, a Goblin rogue with a brutal dagger. The otter, a scion of the river proves to be their guide. He says his name is the Spirit of Adventure and has a deep connection with Fauster and the captain of the Talisman, Penelius.

Back in Niskantel, Penelius, Ferrus, Wolfdog and Conorrion meet with the Scarlet Scorceress Arythia Bessallyn and learn the secret source of the Dark light that is tearing a hole in the heart of the Dreamwater jungle of Ethilistyr.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Deal with Karak

the lonely river port of Karak


Orc Warrior Tribes of the North Dreamwater

Religions of the Dreamwater

River Tooth

The demontogue chieftain Mslbrg was defeated at River Tooth Keep although he escaped. The Keep is being rebuilt by the Orc Wreathers of Karak and Onilhenge.

The Talisman

Wolfdog of Maiah

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Terror under the Lighthouse

In a grueling campaign, Ary with Tomra and the Dwarven brothers Drom and Thom ventured into the secret lair of the horrible undead lord, Lesivith. Ary learned the secret entrance after revealing council member Damarius as an agent of evil. Lesivith, then known as Thulsa Rex, kidnapped the children of Niskantel over a number of months prior to the discovery by the Scarlet Sorceress. Thom the Dwarf was killed by Lesivith's subterranean, undead horde and despite even the direct involvement of both Tim and Zarconus the Lightning Dragon, Lesvith escaped to continue in his dark and unknown agenda.

Lesivith, Undead lord of Orcus
Tim, Sherriff of Dreamwater

Drom of Hammerguard.

The South Yard and the Assassin

It was in the South Yard, the main outdoor merchant square in Niskantel where Ary founded the first school of magic in Niskantel, called The Diamond Eye.

The Night Calling Witch, Morrigan told Ary of the coming of Tomra, an assassin who would become an invaluable ally.

A tortured soul, Tomra learned a new path from journeying with Ary, a path based not on killing for hire, his mode of living, but rather fighting for a cause greater than his own.

Niskantel, The City of Opal

After the Opening of the Shadow Path, Niskantel became a strategic crossroad/gateway town to the Dream Water. The City prospered greatly. The Sherriff expelled the Council of Eagles from Municipal government but retained the Merchant's council as the officiating, judicial body.

Ary Bessallyn

In time, she would be known as the Scarlet Sorceress, emancipator of Niskantel, but when, under the service of the Sherriff, she went to Niskantel, there was no way of telling what lay in store for her...

The Red Fist

North County was a community greatly altered by the opening of the Shadowroad. A gnarled, twisted wild land where dead end fairy trails gleem and faun wights dance. It was here that Arythial Bessallyn would steal away down secret roads that only little girls can find... for long trips as a little girl she would leave Maiah, and it was for this that Tim Tigean sent her as an adult to investigate the goings on of the Red Fist...

After years of peaceful, economic expansion under the warden of the Sherriff of the Dreamwater, trouble stirred in the North Shadowpath in a county given to Goblinkin. The Red Fist began the worshipping practices of the Dark Three once again and began Black Parades recruiting common farming folk from miles around, proclaiming to the People of Niskantel that they were the new order of things.

The Final Battle of the Opening of the Shadowpath

The Epheliun, Ruler of the Deep River Elves of Thraityn, became then The Wraith Caller, or Reada-Dom, and sworn an allegiance with the Blight Powers of Beris to immegrate the lost races of Belerian to the Dream Water.

It was at the Stone of Reada-Dom where the final battle of the Elfkin War of 1104 was decided. A Winner take all situation where, upon victory and the thwarting of Epheliun's plan, the Company of the ShadowPath disbanded and embarked upon their professional lives.