Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eshin the Diamond Mind

Eshin Harbareign is a beautiful and tortured soul. With Scathing wit, this diminuative character who figures prominately in Tiefling prophecy as The Diamon Mind, has died twice, destroyed the Dragon Queen of Belarion and built the first Cathoid powered Airship: The Kellis Truveau.

Once Timber Land, now Desert

The region of Sear Kiat is a new ecology. Strange new species of both plant and beast seemingly genesis everyday over this open land. Also called the North Blight Front or the Blight Taiga. Under a freezing sun and an ashen coat of snow, the amazing diversity of life continues to astound the pioneers and the bold who call this harrowing place home. Men live is squat and square houses of ceramic. The region of Del Thane remains a civilized nation despite the advance of Beris armies in the lower wards of the region, repelled mainly by the buffer of the Warforged army that remains vigilant against the Blight in the land of Reagla. There rules the enigmatic Lord of Blades, patron of all Warforged and enemy of men and Nlight both.
Look north to the Ice wall from what was only recently the seat of the City of Gondahane. Now only a whisper of vapor where thousands of souls were instantly voided by Beris' new doom weapon. The Thaltomic Bomb that was dropped here two years ago did not leave a mournland, but more transformed the place, indeed now new species, new resources and new adventures await those who are curious or innovative enough to survive in this region with no identity.

A new kind of weapon

Clearly the ThunderSpear has something to do with the Thaltomic weaponary coming out of Beris. An antidote to its poison? possibly. Now it remains without it head as a staff in Muel protected in the dried corpse of the beast that once protected it, Chirchianon. Below are the notes of the Destruction of Gondahane: a large city destroyed in a moment when a Blight Zeppelid unleased a thaltomic weapon. The third detonation in Searkiat in the last two years. For now the apocalyptic barrage has subsided, but why? Why does not Beris continue its unstoppable destruction?

A horrible encounter on the Blighted Taiga

In the Blight Taiga between Muel and Kahl Vor, Eshin and Thorn encounter Esthionix, an elder Blue Dragon who was entertained by the Gnomish Wizard. The dragon had large sigils painted on each expansive wing of old western Raelfaen, possibly indicating his origin near the winelands.

The two who were then traveling to Kahl Vor encountered the wyrm after he was done devouring Sespicia the Princess of Stone and daughter of Sora Maenya the Hag.

It was then that playing a silent drum, the mysterious Auger of Skulls became present and frightened away lord Esthionix. Awakening the corpse of the halfeaten medusa, Sespicia attacked Eshin who may have perished but not for Thorn's Warhammer.

The nature of Esthionix's fright is a mystery although Ehsin feels in his bones that they shall meet again.

Quick and Quill

The Wizened Snitches are actually excellent cartographers where they aren't putting their noses where they don't belong. They remain fascinated with Eshin and can almost pick him up by the shoulders.

Muel of the Elves

It was Khelian with the Moonblade and His Brother Formenlhor the forcemage, the rulers of the elven fortress of Muel who destroyed the undead Red Dragon Chirchianon and brought the Thunderspear back to Muel. Formenlohr now uses a runed tooth of Chirchianon as a weapon.

Muel, the armored palace, is a city made of plates mined from the Feywilds of Essalo. Inside is a wonderous jungle while outside is only a shell on the blight taiga.

Thorn, the first Warforged.

Thorn, who has spent the last six years deactivated in the pavilion of Muel of the elves, is one of the first warforged made by the men of Kahl Vor to fight the blight from Beris at the beginning of the long war. With the coming of Eshin, Thorn journeyed to Kahl Vor and learned of his past as a protector and sherriff of the people who still live in the dark keep. Thorn, whose real name is Thyranathos, is a Kensei warrior. He has sworn loyalty to the Diamond Mind gnome Eshin in his quest to get back home and assist his kin.

Kahl Vor, Refugee City in the Dark

Kahl Vor was once a keep on the borderlands of an old human Kingdom in the time of the War of Furies. Before the freezing blight came to SearKiat, Kahl Vor was surrounded by lush forests of oak. Now the surrounding lands are choked with silver mists that hunger for souls and blood. Inside Kahl Vor is the first Creation Forge: an enigmatic machine that built the first warforged. The machine was deactivated seven years ago. The old keep still houses a City of Men, Halflings and Dwarves.
Shane and Dargunn hae been waiting for the return of Thyranathos to help them resolve the issue of their split queen.

The lady of Skulls, Silk and Serpents

Eshin and Thorn learned of the Lady of KahlVor when she appeared as a vision that only Eshin could detect on the Blight Taiga walking toward the Dark Tower.

Thorn's glowing sigils on his palm are his license to Sherriff the town in the Tower, a memory he has lost.

After battling the proto-warforged beast known as MAGNET, Thorn was able to learn that the beautiful and archonic Sora Beva and the horrible, child devouring hag Sora Maenja are in fact one and the same. Apparently, they both seek a Heedless One, much the same as the archons were doing in Gildensong, across the world and a year ealier.