Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Shadow Shifter

Her name is Grey Easy, as that is where she is from. A scout guard for the mysterious, walking tavern known as Bethsmunda, Grey East was conscripted at an early age for her present job. She had never seen another shifter until she was 19. A strange family is the crew of Bethsmunda, which presently haunts the deep wilds of the Gildensong countryside. The Deathless prophet of the Raven Queen known as BeneOha lives on the third floor of this place which is a endless series of portals to all parts shadow. BeneOha tracks ghosts through the misty vineyards in her walking mansion as she believes the prophesized dragon mark of death exists in the confederacy of vintners in the Western Sorado.
Ellia Shadowsworn is the Lady of Bethsmunda and is a Doomguard Captain. She is wanted for the killing of over a dozen Bladesong knights.

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