Friday, March 20, 2009

The Souless Eleyan

The City of Omonyr, while only recently founded, has ancient origins steeped in the modern political realities of the surface world. The Souless, or political head of the civic entity that is Omonyr, is a Shadarkai woman names Eleyan. Eleyan is the ancient and young sister to the Queen of old Khepathia, the Raven Queen. She is said to have studied civil rule with that, the most enigmatic of multiplanar roaylty, the Queen of Pain in Sigil, the nexus city at the hub of the Astral world.
During the fall of Khepathia, do we first hear the name Eleyan, in the Lae of Durag, a ballad of orcish song, infact the first dirge from where the druidic barding traditions of the Order of the Nine Stars comes from.
Eleyan would have no man
to hold in her gaze
in lonely heart with fist
does the silver queen spend her days-
Tigers and drum remind her
of name and place
in cold shadow with Zce
with no sun and only pale face.

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