Monday, May 3, 2010

News from Femin

Rhyan Laurent finds Tim in the first, cold months of the new year 1111. She informs the Sherriff that she has just returned from the Northern Blight front of Femin. Which is no longer a front of War. The Black Army, as it is called under the commander of Lesha (A title that means war-commander) L'gasi Dakaan, is now over 15,000 strong and presents a major military force north of EthilisTyr. With the finalizing of the electric rail between Femin and Gavin Wel Municipality around the border of Dreamwater, Femin is poised, if it so wanted, to become a City-State unto itself. Already reports of trade with Minaux and Terrarion and other North lands are common and increasing. Beris is a land bereft of a true military force.

Rhyan continues her news with a grave report confirming Tim's dread of Wolfdog's rumor that they confronted each other with at Spellshore upon the closing of the Orcus light. Rhyan believes the sword of L'gasy is indeed one of the three swords of doom, RandelReign. An evil, immortal spirit who's will in bent and who's influencing sentience is keen. Along with Rendgrey and Anulgrey, Randel/Reign is a corrupting force. An possibility that must be undone.

for more on Rhyan and the Anethamancer, the maker of the Swords of Doom:

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