Saturday, May 23, 2009

Avari and the Athenamancer

Genot-Paine is a pocket in the Shadowfel. Avari learns to travel there from Akon-Aht, her ancient book that reveals to her the deeper mysteries of the multiverse.

After being swallowed in Avari's arcane weaponary to his demise, the so-called, Anathamancer met his end in the void world of Genot-Paine a place inside Avari. The evil sword Rendgray remains powerful and Avari learns that its disenchantment may be a long journey, not simply the turning of a proverbial key.

Avari's apartment in Niskantel is appropriately above the library. It is her belief from her studies that she has the potential to shut down the evil sword Rendgrey as an evil force in the world. It may be that the mystery of this is the mystery of herself.

Rhyan Laurent, younger sister to the world's most famous bard, Julien Laurent, seeks out Avari and becomes friends with the young eladrin. Rhyan knows the space to find the Athenamancer, the creator of the sword Rendgrey.

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