Thursday, January 29, 2009

A horrible encounter on the Blighted Taiga

In the Blight Taiga between Muel and Kahl Vor, Eshin and Thorn encounter Esthionix, an elder Blue Dragon who was entertained by the Gnomish Wizard. The dragon had large sigils painted on each expansive wing of old western Raelfaen, possibly indicating his origin near the winelands.

The two who were then traveling to Kahl Vor encountered the wyrm after he was done devouring Sespicia the Princess of Stone and daughter of Sora Maenya the Hag.

It was then that playing a silent drum, the mysterious Auger of Skulls became present and frightened away lord Esthionix. Awakening the corpse of the halfeaten medusa, Sespicia attacked Eshin who may have perished but not for Thorn's Warhammer.

The nature of Esthionix's fright is a mystery although Ehsin feels in his bones that they shall meet again.

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