Thursday, January 29, 2009

The lady of Skulls, Silk and Serpents

Eshin and Thorn learned of the Lady of KahlVor when she appeared as a vision that only Eshin could detect on the Blight Taiga walking toward the Dark Tower.

Thorn's glowing sigils on his palm are his license to Sherriff the town in the Tower, a memory he has lost.

After battling the proto-warforged beast known as MAGNET, Thorn was able to learn that the beautiful and archonic Sora Beva and the horrible, child devouring hag Sora Maenja are in fact one and the same. Apparently, they both seek a Heedless One, much the same as the archons were doing in Gildensong, across the world and a year ealier.

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