Thursday, January 29, 2009

Once Timber Land, now Desert

The region of Sear Kiat is a new ecology. Strange new species of both plant and beast seemingly genesis everyday over this open land. Also called the North Blight Front or the Blight Taiga. Under a freezing sun and an ashen coat of snow, the amazing diversity of life continues to astound the pioneers and the bold who call this harrowing place home. Men live is squat and square houses of ceramic. The region of Del Thane remains a civilized nation despite the advance of Beris armies in the lower wards of the region, repelled mainly by the buffer of the Warforged army that remains vigilant against the Blight in the land of Reagla. There rules the enigmatic Lord of Blades, patron of all Warforged and enemy of men and Nlight both.
Look north to the Ice wall from what was only recently the seat of the City of Gondahane. Now only a whisper of vapor where thousands of souls were instantly voided by Beris' new doom weapon. The Thaltomic Bomb that was dropped here two years ago did not leave a mournland, but more transformed the place, indeed now new species, new resources and new adventures await those who are curious or innovative enough to survive in this region with no identity.

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