Friday, March 20, 2009

Omonyr, City of Shadow

"Omonyr, yeah, I've been there." Says Dezr standing on the precipice overlooking the city on the void. "It just hangs there, like a bat or a drip of water, on the edge of the infinite hallow. Most surface folk don't know the world is mostly hollow. Not only that but there is a vast underground network of political powers that web this underplace together and feed dark markets across the globe. In reality, Omonyr is probably only one of many such pirate coves. This one just happens to be here. Under Gavin Wel, the seat of the origin of the largest mine of Zce, or Cathoid, or whatever you call it, in the history of the world."
"Yeah, you humans, man, you guys like to get high so much that you will go to war over it. again and again., alcohol, weed, opium, cathoid, you cling to these evils. It taints you and now it taints the land. This is where it is coming from. Erythia, the artificial mountain next to the City was closed to mining the silver substance fifteen hundred years ago and it is not here any longer, or at least, that is what they tell you. The new mine is the kingdom of Beris far away. There is a war on the surface between here and there. How do you get the stuff here? underground. Through Omonyr."
"Looks like it has come into its own too, moneywise. Those three airship docks that extend out from the face of the cliff are new. That means more traffic. Look at all those boats! some are blighted too. Means they're from Beris."
"Better watch yourself down there. Put on a damn cloak Zarconus. Cover that holy armor. This is dark people doing dark things. Plenty of secrets and plenty of money, means plenty of violence."

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