Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Love in the Ancient World

In a sullen and dank corner of the underroad, the four now included in the Party of the Shadow Road found themselves in a dismal place. After the battle with the undead dragonborn, Tim Tigeon found the repositories of bodies. Stacked in a pyramid of litters, the fifteen ancient bodies lay stacked around chests filled with their worldly possessions. The walls, no longer made of the volcanic landscape that had previously defined the landscape, now were found to be coated with a thick layer of black wax. Walder the Rogue uncovered enough wax to reveal a small drawer and in there, a tiny crystal ring decorated with a tiny skull.
Gazing into the eye of the skull, Walder gasped in horror as he heard he name cried out in a clear voice: "Your name is Riapahoh!" then having looked up at Zarconus, the only one who was not enwrapped in a strange trance that seemed to hold the rest of his party, He stood agape. At that terrible moment, reality seemed to be made of huge and moving stone blocks that tore Avari and Tim apart with them, leavine Walder and Zarconus in a different place of void where time and space slipped away in a breath.

Awakening in the bright sun on the cold marble floor of an opulent bedroom, Tim and Zarconus found themselves in the company of two beautiful women. The first, who later became known as Tyrara, stood ten feet tall and with a greenish tint to her skin was identified as a titan. It was later learned that Riapahoh is an ancient derivation of a version of the Giant Language that later transformed into Orcish and translated, means "Titan Blood."

Tyrar and Walder found a common tongue based on the magic ring Walder wore.
Zarconus found himself face to face with an elder race known as the Shadar...a term they later learned was an elder form of the Shadar Kai: an incarnation of the race before the coming of men. Mistalen was her name and great love immediately flourished between the two...across language and before destiny, these two brought themselves together across oceans of time.

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