Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journey to undo the Orcus Star

The Bullywugs, ancient caretakers of the Khepathian baths, show the secret path to GraKuKiniBognai, a series of architectural, ancient anomolies that are infested with the abyssmal touch of Orcus. Beset on all sides by a perveted Undead legion of goblin kin, the party is found defending its life to resort this once pure site....

Two river trolls, who jealously guard the entrance to the Bullwug kingdom are destroyed by the crew warriors of the Talisman and treasured stones are found in their lair.

Deciding to take the Talisman to the ancient Bullywug Site of GraKuKiniBognai, The Wolf Moon Consortium hire two more hands: Fauster Kragnon, the HalfOrc priest of Melorna, a Dedicated servant. and Shivis, a Goblin rogue with a brutal dagger. The otter, a scion of the river proves to be their guide. He says his name is the Spirit of Adventure and has a deep connection with Fauster and the captain of the Talisman, Penelius.

Back in Niskantel, Penelius, Ferrus, Wolfdog and Conorrion meet with the Scarlet Scorceress Arythia Bessallyn and learn the secret source of the Dark light that is tearing a hole in the heart of the Dreamwater jungle of Ethilistyr.

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