Saturday, April 3, 2010

Terror under the Lighthouse

In a grueling campaign, Ary with Tomra and the Dwarven brothers Drom and Thom ventured into the secret lair of the horrible undead lord, Lesivith. Ary learned the secret entrance after revealing council member Damarius as an agent of evil. Lesivith, then known as Thulsa Rex, kidnapped the children of Niskantel over a number of months prior to the discovery by the Scarlet Sorceress. Thom the Dwarf was killed by Lesivith's subterranean, undead horde and despite even the direct involvement of both Tim and Zarconus the Lightning Dragon, Lesvith escaped to continue in his dark and unknown agenda.

Lesivith, Undead lord of Orcus
Tim, Sherriff of Dreamwater

Drom of Hammerguard.

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