Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Red Fist

North County was a community greatly altered by the opening of the Shadowroad. A gnarled, twisted wild land where dead end fairy trails gleem and faun wights dance. It was here that Arythial Bessallyn would steal away down secret roads that only little girls can find... for long trips as a little girl she would leave Maiah, and it was for this that Tim Tigean sent her as an adult to investigate the goings on of the Red Fist...

After years of peaceful, economic expansion under the warden of the Sherriff of the Dreamwater, trouble stirred in the North Shadowpath in a county given to Goblinkin. The Red Fist began the worshipping practices of the Dark Three once again and began Black Parades recruiting common farming folk from miles around, proclaiming to the People of Niskantel that they were the new order of things.

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