Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Father Light, no Father at all.

Avari and her knowledge portal, a mouthy book called Akontahn were able to quickly research the lost names of the elder furiousity called The Father Light and assuage its vengence before her. An old Eladrin force that had become so powerful in ancient epochs that it was long imprisoned down in the so-called Electric Fields, forever together with its living spells, forever alone with its fury. Somehow related the Eladrin above: Oamrissa and Blendavin, the Father Light reveal itself in female form to the you and yet old Avari. In this true form, the Father Light is known as the Maiden of the Deep Stone, a wise council. It is the Maiden of Deep Stone who shockingly warned Avari and her team of Men that it is not Oamrissa who seeks mastery over the dark secrets of the Blight, but Blendavin of Starry Gardens. A terrible foreboding for the reopening of the Shadow Road.
Now free of her prison, The Maiden of Deep Stone gives a piece of herself to the Akontahn in debt of payment to the Fay Avari. She gives a book of herself to the little one's collection.
the skulls behind the Maiden of Deep Stone were made of earlier adventurers who trespassed these halls to their doom. Counted in their number, as Tim, Walder and Zarconus were able to discern from the collected goods of the stacked body nearby, were the bodies of two related and long lost: Warren Bessallyn, uncle of Zarconus and Bartok Tigeon, grandfather of Tim. It was by Eladrin magic that the previous party of old had failed and lost their lives! Are the Eladrin conspiring with the Blight to keep the Shadow Road closed? Tim begins to consider the terrible ramifications of this betrayal.

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