Friday, June 19, 2009

The Ancient Love and the Treachery of Now

Walder quickly found his ancient love Tirara who had been waiting for him...heavy with child, Walder's child. There was no love lost between the two as tragic as it is that five thousand years separate them and together they can never be. In the later battle during and against the Storm Avatar, Avari helps birth the child and steals the baby and the mother off to the relative safety of the Feywild.

What treachery! Walder discovers the Rydikos Demon, the Liege of the Pit, the creature at the center of the Cult of the Liege is none other than Thallia, His regent Captain. The Vampiric hellspawn nearly usurped Walder's throne but not for the keen arrow of the awakened Tim Tigean who caught her between the eyes.

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