Friday, June 19, 2009

The Coming of Khepathia

For five thousand years, five thousand years ago, the Valley of Gavin Wel was Khepathia. Khepathia was the greatest city that this or any world has ever eladrin city a mile deep, bolstered by planar connections and machinations that are beyond contemporary conceptualization.

It is the Oracle of Fuhema who informs the Sherriff's Party that now the Feywild seems to be crashing in on the Dream Water due to the liberation of the Seeds of Everet, the destruction of one of the ancient Dragon Forges and the missing Sherriff who can not tend to the Unicorn of Fengdeign.

Walder gathered up his friends as they were all in trance of spell and violence, and sailed a little red sailed raft up an ancient river through a City that had not existed for five millenia. He sailed with an intent heart to Ragyiel, the place he knew to find Tim.

Many eladrin of today remain embittered to the fall of their glorious nation under the rule of the Dragons Kings and the Raven Queen. With the Seeds of Everet, tears that fell from Bahamut's face upon the burning of Khepathia, there are some who say Khepathia could be raised again.

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