Sunday, June 14, 2009

In the Big City

The mysterious warriors who attacked the City of Gavin Wel and who were subsequently repelled by the Radiant Might of Zarconus are, according to Avari, the blighted spirits of a long dead coven of Medusas who were trapped in an armored shell by a force that has yet to be revealed.
Hallia the Tiefling is Walder's current lover and regent officer in charge as he leaves the City after the attack by the blighted warriors.

Walder, the Brutish King of Thieves sits on an Throne unsafe from the swordpoints of enemies, but most especially friends.

The sheriff's party returns to the sprawling urban hive of Gavin Wel.

Each of the party's members find that they've acquired a certain amount of celebrity, if not notoriety, amongst certain circles and social castes since their embroilment in the civil war and victorious opening of the Shadow Road. The sheriff himself, however, doesn't feel at ease in the often filthy and chaotic metropolitan setting, so Tim Tigean heads back into the wilderness to Needle falls to begin construction of his retreat.

Zarconus, the half-elf Paladin of the Platinum Dragon, had achieved an almost messiah-like status amongst many who study the ancient prophecies. He took his place amongst his fellow knights of Bahamut, known as the Vassals of the Blade, in their ancient monastic cathedral of Sinis Oebir.

The maiden crone Avari found Gavin Wel's virtue lay in Biscaux, the ancient site upon The Hallowed Hill, where she gained access to enough ancient tomes to keep satisfied her hunger for long-forgotten knowledge.

Walder, the Dark Fist of the Mice Eyes, returned to the city and resumed his management of the well-established infrastructure of misconduct that the guild had always controlled. After his abrupt rise to power, he had yet to prove his worth as a guildmaster to a number of his capos, sergeants and assassins. Indeed, he survived 4 assassination attempts. His new and fiercely loyal bodyguard Lyak prevented two from outside the organization, but the one that Walder discovered himself was a threat from one of his own highest-ranking capos, which he neatly took care of by stabbing her through the eye with her own poisoned dart in front of the rest of his cabal of thieves.

Zarconus was subject to an alarming revisit to combat when an monstrous undead drake threatened to destroy whatever it came across, swooping through the Gavin Wel streets, and meeting its end at the edge of the platinum knight's Stickarein blade. The beast's rider Hallia, an unstable Tiefling catspaw of the Mice Eyes, seemed to be a clue as to what to expect from the gathering blight forces. She was delivered to incarceration in Sinis Oebir by the holy knights. Walder visited the tower cell as the paladins locked her in, seeking to bargain for her release, and found the only way for that was by sly lockpicking. He was caught in the act by Judicia and sent away from the cathedral by an enraged Zarconus.

In a meeting with Lavinia, a conniving member of the Council of Eagles, Walder unwisely agreed to to accept a large loan from the COE to fund a healing center for the casualties of the front lines of the blight conflict.

The 4th assassination attempt on the Dark Fist, from within his own guild, nearly met its mark. It came in the form of a deadly-sized dose of cathoid caking his entire face in his sleep, intended to make his death look like an overdose. Zarconus, who came to visit his chambers that moment, and had been increasingly concerned about Walder's hopeless addiction to the substance, took action to bring him to Sinis Oebir for rehabilitation. What ensued was a bloody brawl between the drug-crazed miscreant and his ruthlessly determined friend. Walder was bested and slept off his oblivious state in a cell.

Delivered in a shock of magic, the blight warriors attack in great numbers accosting the city. Avari and Zarconus front the defense on the street of the Fire Holm District. Zarconus calls the light of the dragon in a brilliant burst, incinerating the intruders. His dragonmark grows.

Cowritten by Benjie Watterson

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