Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome to the Shadowfel

Festil was found by Avari working on a terrible weapon in a backwater bar in the lonely and dark world of the Shadowfel. Avari was able to bring Walder through her tiny portal, manifested by her new found powers as a planswalker, as a rat in her pocket. The weapon the once good, and now mad, cathidimancer was working on is somekind of deliverence system, both creative and destructive of a new kind of nature, a new kind of ecology. A most interesting development.

Walder, in human form once again, enters into a card game with acouple of locals. A grizzly discovery soon unveils as, after cathoid is injested by the party of cardplayers, one player explodes from the neck up. An alien creature writhes from his neck and immediately transforms into a beast that Avari identifies as a Githyanki, a human like creature that comes from a far off world by means of cathidic-parasite, portal-blood magic. At that point Avari burns the bar to the ground and the still transforming Githyanki inside.

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