Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Place of Amo

Upstream from Needle Falls is the Place of Amo, an ancient site of Raelfaen knowledge passed then to elfen caretakers. It is here that Lady Ryal, in her escape from the sacking of Maradin, hid the Tears of Everet in a secret and sacred spot.

It is immediately clear that the Epheliun will stop at nothing to find the Tears, artifacts that could potentially be used to destroy the valley by "raising the ancient City of Khepathia from the blighted soil of Gavin Wel Valley."

Avari learns that the evil sword, Rendgray, that she is stewarding right now is also enchanted by Amanir, a similarly ancient voice of magic. It is in this voice that Avari, a daughter of the Dragon Court, believes that she and only she can open the doors of Amo and retrieve the Tears of Everet.

Simultaneously, it is Zarconus, who inspired by the Storm Mark in his blood that is increasingly taking over his body, mind and spirit with righteous zeal believes that is himself who must be the one to open the doors.

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