Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Fall of Maradin, City of the Star Bloom

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Thraytin, home of the Deep River Elves, ruled by a cruel and warring eladrin spirit called Epheliun.

Maralin, ancient springs well up through trees that grow from ancient Khepathian ruins. The City of the Star Bloom elves had aligned with the People's army of Gavin Wel in the Civil War that had ended with the opening of the Shadow Road. Thraytin and Maralin continue to war. Epheliun will have the death of Maralin.

After a creature called the Woodcloaker destroys Isa Omlor in a the first act of war in what will be called the Season of Sorrow (Ima Nohel), Evershae, The Hive Master of the Star Bloom travels from Nekeshtom to plead assistance from the Griffon Riders and is refused.

Horned Warforged warriors known as the Vitu-Ghazir (the Dark Walkers) march on the Shadow swamps destroying the terraced farming architecture of the south county elves. this act ignites long battle campaigns between infantry and warwizards from both cities.

Matron Ryal of Maradin, a shaman, hides the seeds of Everet in the Cellar of Amo. The seeds are said to be tears of Bahamut.

Human riders from Felledeign, Lead by Harod, defend the Road of the the Dead Grove from Northward vengeance in a misguided attempt at peacekeeping. This intervention spells doom for the communities of Fel Karo and Asir Amo: two Star Bloom towns nearly destroyed by the long demon inspired blades of the Deep River soldiers.

Epheliun has his conquest and accepts the unconditional surrender of Matron Ryal and Maralin after "Cenji's Enlistment" when 100 male Star Bloom elves are routed by the Deep River elite. Ani Kai comes to Maradin with Epheliun and a sovereign nation is petioned to the COE via sending magic. A martial law and false armistace is established.

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