Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Goristo Demon at the Doors of Amo

The Goristo Demon, a slave demon of old Khepathia, summoned at Ragyiel thousands of years ago comes screaming out of the darkness to slam both Tim and Zarconus. Blood rains and lightning bolts from the enraged paladin and his hawkeye partner. Avari and Walder arrive via portal and assist in the destruction of the beast. Why is this creature here? From Ragyiel? Is it related to the mysterious Liege of the Pit, Rydikos? Are they searching for the Tears as well? It turns out that both Avari and Zarconus are needed to open the doors. Zarconus engages the seal with lightning and Avari breaks the code of the ancient lock with her knowledge of the Dragon Court. Then of course, the Hundrune shows up just as the doors open...

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