Friday, May 29, 2009

Airships In Gavin Wel

Because of its geographic isolation, Gavin Wel relies on Airship transportation to connect and trade with the outside world. There are four way to fuel and propel an airship: Elemental, Ethereal, Clockwork and Undead. Airships come in many shapes and sizes and each one is a unique vessel with a particular history. The golden age of Airship construction was four hundred years ago, so most airships are ancient.

The Anna Tulau measures nearly forty meters from bow to stern and is powered by Air Elementals who reside inside the frigate's mighty engines.

The Kith Amardae is an airship that catches immaterial, etheral winds in its brilliantly colored sails to propel across the sky.

The Mercy Skate uses energy that it collects from antigravity gyrometers and the powerful engines that use pulsing magnetrons. Omliath Gengineerfae is its gnomish captain.

The Obris Ilbyrn is an airship constructed from the skull of an enormous demonic dragon. The ship is powered by an imprisoned cabal of infernal spirits. Rettin, the veteran captain of the Obris Ilbyrn is a mercenary but not a necromancer.

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