Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Beltaine Moon of 1103

Starry Gardens is under siege at the end of the Beltaine Moon in 1103.

When the Sherriff of Gavin Wel with his comrades, the blade of the Platinum Dragon, The Eladrin Maiden-Crone and the Slick Knife.

At the Fairy Circle of the Blood hand the heroes did fight a united battalion of undead power. There Walder bested the hulking thief prince Haddox. The beast commander known as the Vesper Ghoul is bested by a holy light from Zarconus' heart and the forceful arcana of Avari's keen eye.

Haddox Hellwind, Regional Despot, Mice Eyes Capo

Nightbloom elves that wield demon blades become like vengeful spirits without discernment or compassion. The follow the Vesper Ghoul into battle with blind allegiance.

The Sherriff of Gavin Wel Valley does not know how many Demon Blades have been forged under contract for the infernal powers which may lie behind the United Command.

Blight made ghouls that reek of flaming peet and soil that spews burning silver haunt and guard the unholy fairie circles where the Vesper Ghoul rules on the Beltaine Moon.

The Vesper Ghoul is an unknown tale.

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