Friday, May 8, 2009

The Rise of the Dark Fist

It was in the sewers of Dimnir under old Gavin Wel that Walder became the thiefmaster known as the DARK FIST.

Walder's one time lover Althsel was from whom he wrested the rule of the Mice Eyes.

The Wererat prince Istanlix fell to Walder's blade under the Emerald City.

After The Sherriff Party defeated the Vesper Ghoul, Walder split away and headed South, back to Gavin Wel. Walder knew that Tel Omad, the Raving Oni, was headed there to secure business with the Mice Eyes and the rogue brute could not let that happen. Walder also wanted to find out why the Mice Eyes had sent thugs to stop the opening of the road, and find out if they've been working in alliance with the United Command, or if they had been merely hired as mercenaries for the one job. Either way, he didn't plan on coming back to join the others until he had gotten the Mice Eyes aligned to the right side of this civil war.

Once in the city, he asked around amongst the scum to find out in which of the Mice Eyes hideouts he could find the Boss, making sure, of course, none of the scum he asked would give him away. He then infiltrated the hideout, a dank hole known as the Dimnir Sewer. Walder took the lives of many outlaws, including a prince of the wererats called Istanlix.

Walder then found Istanlix's antechamer and therein found only the consort, a cambion she-demon named Althsel, a new boss of the Miceeyes and an old lover of Walders'. Althsel attempted to poison and seduce him to no avail. Walder tied her to a chair and knowing she only listens to pain, carved a nasty gash into her face. If it turns out that the Mice Eyes are in the business of war and prfiteering, playing both sides of the Green and Red conflict.

There in the Dimnir Sewer with his prisoner Althsel and over the corpse of Istanlix, Walder summoned the Council of Zun, the ruling contingent of the Mice Eyes. He revealed himself to be Riappaho, founder of the Mice Eyes, and new acting Boss. He smacked the ancient cathoid amulet down on the table as proof and then ran his dark blade through the heart of Ivremox, a Tiefling who did not believe him. So sudden and violent was his blow that the Thief Masters of Zun pledged to Walder their points and dues. His appointed deputy, a female Goliath named Bisera is to run as regent when Walder is on excursion. The acting boss of Mice Eyes is to be known as THE DARK FIST.

The guildmaster formally known as Walder became then the most wanted man in the ancient metropolis of Gavin Wel, and the richest. the following two weeks are spent in lavish mirth as his notoriety spreads as a shadow.

Tel Omad is located among the dark elves who have war scheduled with the newly built Old Fang Fortress under the command of Sherriff Tigean, Walder's old friend. Seeing the oppotunity to nail to rivals with stone, Walder journeys to Old Fang to rejoin his old crew...

written by Obi Kaufmann and Benjie Watterson

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