Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tim Tigeon, Betrothed King of the Orcs of Thornbite!

Mslbrg, Orcish prince challenged Tim, the Sherriff of Gavin Wel Valley to the mortal combat ceremony of Naril Kwenosh. Ultimately a mating ceremony, it turns out that Mslbrg is L'gasi's ex-betrothed and this battle was to decide who would marry L'gacy. In Orcish tradition, the battle itself, which took place in the Barbarian Circle outside of Maiah, is the wedding. In front of an audience of many hundred men and orcs, Tim bested Mslbrg and became the Khani Ahan, the War King of Thornbite, L'gasi's clan. Tim does not recognize the marriage and is ambivolent about L'gasi. After this perceived slight, L'gasi has left Tim and apparently traveled north out of the valley to fight the coming Blight at Femin.

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