Friday, May 1, 2009

Massacre at Four Farms

Ten months into the Civil War at Gavin Wel Valley, hereafter traces the events that indicate the distinct possibility of enemy lines drawing deeper and patterns of violence becoming more entrenched. The Counties of Thianna are defined demographically by humans and orcs to the south and Elves to the North.
The Ashcoat Bears, under the command of Melthoos Tai, a Shifter and a general of the People's Army, in a campaign of terror begin to destroy the Deep River Elven community that has traditionally resided in the County of the Fig Groves.

Thianna is a community known as the City of the Copper Spears and largely Half-orcish but is home to many families of Shifters and Goliaths as well.

The Karst under F'egdyr Mountain is an ancient and sacred site.

Ghelvinberg, a tower of the wizard Ghaleyz, a halforc, is constructed as a base of operations for Melthoos Tai and the White Claw Brigade.

The Sawback Manticore rises and destroys many farms at Thianna in apparent ritaliation for the Shadow Campaign.

The Amanir Avenger, Gelthia, a sword wielding Wreather and a goliath summons the Twilght Shepherd, a deva of epic power. Succumbing to the tempting power of AniKai, a beastial blightmaster from the Raelfaen Campaign.

Iamus of the Scale unites the farming community of the Four Farms. A Utopian Vow is written and a Rune of Protection is drawn in blood between them. The Elves and Half-elves of the Four Farms had never aligned with either the Star Bloom Elves of Maralin or the Deep River Elves of Thraityn. They align themselves with blood magic fearing the wrath of Thianna and the White Claw.

The Goblin farmers of Fellis and Kheld form a raiding party called the PieGrubb Fellows. They begin minor raids on Ghelvinberg. One goblin, Dherg, finds a plan written on parchment that calls for the destruction of Thraityn and even Heavy Wire! at the hands of the Twilight Shepherd and the People's Army.
Iamus, the Dragon born is placed in the Thought Prison by the Twilight Shepherd.

The PieGrubb Fellows launch an attack at Fweldon and are largely destroyed by CryK'elosh, an orcish Brigade that has aligned with the White Claw. The CryK'elosh, an orcish unit of 75 who marched from Ellenfel under the banner of Poolis Fyr.
The Lady of the Mountain, Ledja, an Eladrin Elder is battled by the Twilight Shepherd on the top of F'egdyr. Ledja, patron saint of the Four Farms is placed in prison.
The Wolf Skull Shaman, civic leader of the Four Farms is murdered by Melthoos Tai in the Karst of Fembelarn. The People's army moves in and destroys all lives in the Four Farms. 47 elves and half-elves, including children.

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