Sunday, May 24, 2009

Of the friendship of Elves and Dwarves

The House Fuhema is an elven City. Home to the Kurem Fuhema, the House of Flowers. Is is by the funding of the Kurem Fuhema and their powerful geomagic that Fiola the Scavenger is able to build the Hellian Fence from the House Fuhema to Felhenge. There are 200 elves living here and they do not have any alignment to the Northern war between the Starbloom and the Deep River elves.

Chanela is the leader of House Fuhema and an eladrin spirit. It is by her magic that the fighting between the Men and the fay peoples of the Adellian Woods ends.

the Dwarves of the Gnarfold, led by Oethin Ambergut, march to House Fuhema after the destruction of Brother's Head Fort and are welcomed. A war front down the Salt Road sparks up with a newly united Adellian peoples and the infernal forces of the Cult of the Liege from Ragyiel.

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