Saturday, May 16, 2009

Commanders of the Khelem Jahar

Of all the enemies, of all the prisoners, of all the deaths, the Unholy and Ancient Sword known as Rendgrey is perhaps the most worthy, terrible and noteworthy transfer of powers retrieved and told from the battle of Hammerguard. A sentient and awesomly evil weapon, the blade exists to bend will and draw blood. The Sword was taken by the Crone-waif Avari and put into here tiny box to the unbenownst perceptions of her male friends. When Rendgrey finally betrayed Faedless, the Khelem Jahar fell and power shifted in the Civil War to the end.
The Supreme Lord of the Khelem Jahar is Faedless of Gildensong. Once a prince of Men, Faedless was taken by the Spider Queen and Tempted by the Sword Rendgray to rule the evil peoples under the Earth. At the End of the Battle of Hammerguard his life was spared and he was thrown in a prison tower to await the judgement of the Sherriff.

The Five Lords of the Khelem Jahar were destroyed by the Forces of Hammerguard lead by the Tooth and Claw of Bahamut: Tim Tigeon, the Sherriff of Gavin Wel Valley; Zarconus Besallyn, the Wielder of the Stickarein Blade; Avari, the Crone Waif of the Raelfaen, and somebody called Walder the Shadow.
Most Tragic of the five commanders of the Khelem Jahar is the Elder Mother, hers' is a long and sorrowful tale. A fallen Eladrin who had taken on early, blighted divinities to her breast. Perhaps the first Blight Mistress, the Elder Mother's true name is lost in time. The Crone Waife, Avari believes that the unraveling of her own mystery is linked to the tale of the Elder Mother.

Isalamox is a an elder statesman of the Sorado underdark city of Kiasen Rel.

Aevarni the Black is a Eladrin who has fallen from the grace of the Eldar, as it were. She is many hundreds of years old and seethes with notions of vengeance for the fall of Khepathia.

EvenGaeKai, Pit Zombie Lord, Lord of the Worm.

Tel Omad, Feudal lord of the Council of Eagles. An Oni Duke who played the fence. With deft Technologies and deals with ancient clans of thieves and infernal races, Tel Omad held crown over the middle Valley for nearly a century. He eluded capture or death by the Sherriff of Gavin Wel Valley until the Battle at Hammerguard.

Goll, Goblin Lord Shaman of the Elder Lizard. A Dragon Savant.

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