Saturday, May 23, 2009

Walder in the City of Clay

On the outskirts of Niskantel the unholy place called Hibrenahl, a place of blight and the crypt of a vampire clan that goes back centuries. It was here that Walder and Besira located Suri, the vampire princess and slew here in her coffin. This assassination of a reputed local crime boss secured the Leader of the Mice Eyes dealing rights throughout the Northern Counties of the Valley.
Suri is the Daughter of Vampire Kings and wields a sword called AnulGrey, a sister sword to Rendgrey. A power beyond even this young vampire's understanding. While Walder invaded her crypt it could be that the sentient sword betrayed its owner to get closer to Rendgrey, in the hands of Avari, a traveling companion to the Thief Lord.

Stunningly to Walder, his some time lover and deputy of action in the Mice Eyes organization, Besira was acting mayor to the City of Niskantel upon his arrival. the seven foot tall woman welcomed the Company of the Sherriff to the City of Clay and informed Walder of his immediate business needs and the required disposing of Suri, the Vampire princess: a nuisance in the suburbs of the City who was encroaching on Mice Eyes economic territory.

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