Friday, May 29, 2009

Gavin Wel Metropolis

The oldest cathedral in Gavin Wel, perhaps all of Aolder, Sinis Oebyr is a center of Religious culture whereworship of any diety in the Sovereign Host iswelcomed. The Knights of the Platinum Dragon known as the Vassals of the Blade make this their home, monastary and training ground.

A Warforged class of Police known as the Raven Guard patrol the streets of Gavin Wel and enforce civility and the Law.

The Richest City in the Sorado, Gavin Wel is a powerful metropolis ruled by a aristocracy of eight members called the Council of Eagles.

Gavin Wel, now considered to be the only Human City in Aolder, is only a tiny part of what was in antiquity a larger City known as Khepathia.

Founded by the King and Queen of Dragonsnearly five thousand years ago, Khepathia was built around an enormous artificial volcano called Erythia.The volcano’s purpose was to mine and smeltan eldritch element known as Cathoid.Cathoid became the currency of the Soradofor the nest three thousand years before internaldtrife brought dominating reign of the City downwhile it was being ruled by the, then mortalRaven Queen. Cathoid is now a bannedsubstance in Metropolitan Gavin Wel although merchant and thieves’ guilds still trade in the adaptable metal. Although Erythia yields no Cathoid, the mining companies who maintain the enormous structure still are able to find unparalleled veins of precioussubstances from gold to silver to gemsstone.Citizens of present day Gavin Wel enjoy a highstandard of living, largely unaffected by therecent Civil War in the surrounding Valley and withthe Blight Wars currently raging beyond its borders.The City enjoys mild temperatures and lots of rain,leaving many to call it the Emerald City for its lushhanging gardens. Although it is at 6000 ft abovesea level snow has never fallen in the Valley of GavinWel.

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