Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Dragon Forge

Judy explains that there is an ancient demon of fire and smoke called the Hellspark who lives in the dragon forge, an ancient curse on the old weapon. Sensing the threat, the Hellspark bursts to life as Zarconus approaches. The beast is no match for the wielder of the Stickarein blade and is put down quickly before the power of the sword and the dragonmark.

The Dragon Forge is an ancient weapon of mysterious purpose. When Judy shows it to Zarcnous it is clear that it has something to do with the dragon mark stretched and burned with destiny across Zarconus' body. The ancient machine springs to life when the Claw of Bahamut approaches. (click to enlarge image.)

Judicia, or Judy, now a knight of the Platinum Dragon, meets Zarconus again for the first time since childhood at Niskantel. After the meeting with the COE, she shows him the Dragon Forge built long ago in the sandstone pits under Niskantel.

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