Saturday, May 23, 2009

Niskantel, the City of Clay

Three members of the eight member Council of Eagles meet the Company of the Sherriff of Gavin Wel Valley at Niskantel. These aristocrats, here pictured are Gavin Joel, Gavin Martha and Gavin Deacon broker a deal with the Sherriff to end the war in the north and incorporate the Valley of Gavin Wel as its own entity and an independent power, to be taxed less although the COE will retain the rights to the Shadow Road.

With abundant amphoras full of Olive oil, wine and with salted meats and insences with magic herbs, each of the Heroes of the Company of the Sherriff is honorarily given the deed to an apartment in the City of Clay.

Drawing by Matt Decker.

Niskantel, The City of Clay, is the Northern most City in the Gavin Wel Valley and the terminus of the Shadow Road through the Valley. After the Battle of Hammerguard the Company of the Sherriff, known also as the Tooth and the Claw of the Platinum Dragon enter the City triumphantly where they are greeted as heroes and bestowed apartments and vast sums of gold for effectively ending the Civil War in the North Counties.

The Rose Court is an alabaster paved plaza through the center of Town.

Niskantel has a populationg of 8600 people and supports an economy based on agriculture and mining from the surrounding locales.

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