Sunday, February 15, 2009

The assassination of the Goblin Prince

In the morning, Tim, Kaiel and Tiki, now without Etienne, Judi, Eartha and still with out Ary journeyed down the Fay hole under the old oak to see what happened to their elf rogue friend Eartha.

before their descent they encountered a large statue, covered in moss and lichens, depicting the figurative and stylized form of a tiefling warrior. Was the a sentinel of the old road? Whatever it was, it had large stone beetles attached to it as if modeled and glued into place, an alien and strange addition to this ancient silent statue.

Down the hole, the three found a the remnants of a wild fay night of revelry: passed out goblins, empty kegs, overturned tables, broken musical instruments and a throne with a half-orc man, well dressed and articulate. A shaman and a goblin prince, the man, named Girto, explained that Ooamrissa was indeed evil and her power was growing. He said that he had another secret to tell but before he could do that, three Dark elf assassins appeared with sword and hand crossbows and slew Girto and then turned their sites to the three.

Tim was quick with bow, Tiki with her lighting and Kaiel with his hammer. The Dark elves were killed and it was learned that they carried badges indicating they were agents of a shadow comany called the Mice Eyes, a theives guild that Kaiel had heard about in Gavin Wel. Drug runners mostly. What do they have to do with Ooamrissa? Is there a tie between drugs and the blight?

As well, the group found a note from Eartha. The rogue had found some friends and decided to leave the Company of the Shadow Road for she found the peril too great and the job thankless.

Here is an image of Girto as he might have appeared in a Goblin City in full regalic garb.

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