Thursday, February 12, 2009

Of Elves, Orcs and the Fiendtouched

The history of Elves, Orcs and the Tiefling is long, convoluted and unique in the Valley of Gavin Wel. Besides humans, Elves and Orcs are presently the most populace peoples of the Valley and it could be argued that they have more in common with each other than with humans. In fact, in previous ages the Elves and Orcs have stood aligned against the new-come race.

Long ago Tiefling and Raelfaen (Eladrin) inhabited a great City called Khepathia, that no longer exists which spanned the width and depth of the Valley. Great roads cut through forests and monuments of basalt and steel were erected in even more ancient valley forests.

After Erythia was constructed and the Cathoid machine had been run dry, civil war erupted in the valley and the Orcs, who were used as slaves, rebelled against there masters. The elves, who kept their own language, money and culture joined the Orcs and topelled the powers of the Silver City. All this happened before humanity came to the Valley.

Orcs and Elves both believe in the preservation of the natural world against the unyielding forces of civilization, at any cost. Although, Elves have been known to be more reactionary than the Orc Druids that tend to these days hold more negotiation with the human world than the elves and the other fae do.

Religiously, the nature of Orcish culture is much different than elvish culture. The Orcs who are druids and are organized into a profoundly far reaching society called the Order of the Nine Stars, or more commonly, the Wreathers, perform blood rituals on their monoliths of stone under moonlight to gods of violence, earth and fertility.

The elves worship Corellon, or the Forest's Father and do not take to blood ritual. Idealogically, the two shall never join but the days of these two races openly warring one another seem to have past.

If Gavin Wel is to stand a chance against the oncoming front of the Blight, it may be time to reerect the old Tielfing monuments and open the ancient roads through the feywilds. This would open necessary channels for the the aligned valley to gather resources. As it is now, the prinicpalities are largely isolated a united defense would be impossible to mount.

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