Thursday, February 12, 2009

the Town of Maiah in the valley of Gavin Wel

The Besellyn Farm outside of Maeah is a elvenhostel in a human township. Zarconus the Paladin and his older brother Kai were born here. Zarconus went to the City to become a knight and Kai to become a priest in their early adolecence.
The Poolis-Fyr Memorial, or, The Long Spike, is thecenter of Orkish Druidic ritual on the outskirts of Maiah.The Head of the Order is an Ork Shaman named Hearthis and together with the Order of Sherriffs deal with any civil and religious issues that require a governing hand in the community.
The town of Maiah is one day's walk west of the Longwatch Gate of Gavin Wel. The tower of Reihm is a keep and a grain silo. The own itself is mostly human and is set in a fertile valley that farms olives, cotton, greens and livestock.

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