Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Secret Entrance

Just as Eartha had discovered in the Chamber of the Daughter at Starry Gardens, there was indeed a secret passage behind a waterfall deep in the ravine under Old Fang.

Ary had come back to the party so the four: Kaiel, Tim, Tiki and Ary desceded the harrowingly slippery slope and crept behind the waterfall. There they found a creature that did not mean to be awakened. An ancient Gargoyle that had been standing guard for however many hundreds of years since his ward had been crossed. With mighty valor and not without sustaining bruises and broken bones, the party was able push the wingless brute off the ledge of the waterfall, then shattering the visciuos stone creature on the rocks below.

Under the waterfall, Kaiel invoked his power as a dedicated priest of the City of Gavin Wel and conscripted Tim Tigeon by oathful allegiance, to become a rural sherriff of the Valley of Gavin Wel. Tim, always having fancied himself a lone farmer never thought he would become an important member of society.

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