Thursday, February 12, 2009

the Valley of Gavin Wel

The Valley of Gavin Wel, wherein lies the largest metropolis in the Southern Sorado, lies at the heart of the coming Blight war between the country of Beris with it dark agenda and the aligned kingdoms of the West, including the Winelands, the men of Femin and the free people of Gavin Wel.

The City itself sits at the southwest side of the artificial mountain of Erythia. The lands to the northwest of the City are generally referred to at the Dark Valley. Here, there can be found a mix of integrated races where most thinking and civilized people have gathered together to form towns against the faywilds and the shadowroads, most of which have been lost to history and are open now to only fel-things. Were open war to come to Gavin Wel from the Blighted kingdom of Beris, it would be imperative to open these roads again and unite the peoples of the Valley into a defensible military of somekind.
Below is a topographic map of the Vally showing all main rivers and natural features.

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