Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Brass Man and the Little Girl

After the death of Kaiel Bessalyn, Tim, Walder and Zarconus strode up the ramp into the collapsed tower of Old Fang. Under an inky net floated a fay girl in a bright pulse of green light. A guardian of old magic rushed the intruders, a Brass Man, entered into combat thus awakening the little girl from her imprisoned stasis. Avari helped to defeat the Brass Man in this, Oamrissa the Eladrin's main chamber and from her desk, the emancipated fay retrieved her trappings as her memory began to come back. The three men, learning from Kaiel Besselyn's map that there is a secret road between Old Fang and Starry Gardens decide to take the thin hall exit from the structure and into the world under the forest floor once again.
A creature of multiple worlds, Avari and Zarconus the Half-elf strike immediate and friendly albeit formal rapport, both straddling their own pluralistic cultural origins.

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