Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Revenant inside the Chamber of Sorrows

Down a long slope and behind many doors and fallen archways, the party came to a large domed room filled with the same type of tiefling statusque monuments they had encountered ouside of Girto's tree. In one alcove Kaiel found a small effigy to be what he identified as the Raven King, an image of Corellon as the consort of Lady Death: a tielfing reliquary, a key tool in restoring the Shadow Road by activating the Sentinels.

"Look out!" somebody yelled, weak and thirsty. They then realized that there where many prison cell inside the room as well. Prison cells with prisoners still alive!

Kaiel recognized the voice "Zarconus?" he yelled.

"Brother, behind you!" the voice yelled again from one of the cells. At that, then came striding in was a blighted beast of a man, warped in body and lacking of mind or conscience.

Kaiel engaged the brute with shield and hammer as Tim bounded toward one of the cells where he found a friend from Maiah, of all things...Walder the rogue.

Ary had already begun to swoon and Tiki realized that something was terribly amiss in the elf's mind already. Magic was about and shifting reality and Ary was lost in the middle of whatever
was going on. Tiki held her hand over the young elf mage's heart, shielding her from the onlaught of Blight magic raining down on her so malevolently. Lest they both die in this torrent of evil magic of unknown origin, Tiki called upon ancient and esoteric runes to wisk both her and the elf away, where they went, she was not quite sure...but alas, far far away.

After a bit of back and forth with the Beast, Kaiel was dealt a mighty blow from the beast's cursed sowrd that liquified the room's floor into a silver ichor, smashing Kaiel's face and sending him face down into the muck. Zarconus used all his remaining strength and faith to pry open the rotten bars of his holding cell and lept down from his perch. In the locker at the bottom of the wall, he found his sword and engaged the Beast. Tim recognized that poison gas had then been released in the room, perhaps a fail safe against the prisoners escaping and the chamber's only exit was sealing off as a stone slab was moving into position.

With blinding fury, Zarconus destroyed the revanant beast with a blow from his blessed weapon. The beast exploded from released energy knocking Walder and Zarconus through and passed the closing door. Tim found Kaiel's unconscious body and was dragging it to the door through the silver mud but the door was closing too fast. In trying to rescue his friend, Tim broke both of his arms. There bleeding and confused, Tim, Walder and Zarconus sat on the other side of the room now filled with poison.

In his last effort, Kaiel had apparently had the foresight to toss the effigy of the Raven King through the passage way. Perhaps a key that could be used later, if hope had not yet been entirely lost.

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