Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ooamrissa, a blight threat inside the Valley of Gavin Wel?

An image of Ooamrissa many hundreds of years ago. From the gallery at Starry Gardens.

Once, Ooamrissa was friends with Blendhavian of Starry Gardens, as were all Eladrin before the fall of the Shadow road. Now it is known that she indeed does exist and Blendhavian believes that she is her heart is black and twisted by the Blight stuff that travels on evil winds across the region. Taking this power, the eladrin of Starry Gardens believes his old friend is attempting to become a Blight Master. She would then be able to raise a force that may be able to take on Gavin Wel itself. Too removed from this world now in both mind and wealth, the old and poor Eladrin could only beseach the visiting Party of the Shadow Road to find the true nature of Ooamrissa, wherein the last obsticle to once again opening the Shadow Road may lift.

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