Friday, February 13, 2009

General Information about Gavin Wel

Generally defined as the region including the Four Wards of the City of Gavin Wel and across the fractured land west toward The West Rip River; from north to south, the River Wall south to the shores of the Undermere, The Gavin Wel valley encompasses an area of about 1700 square miles of wilderness and rural lands.

The current year is 1103 in the sixth epoch of the Raelfaen, the most ancient calendar of the world.

The climate in the Valley is largely a temperate rain forest, in places receiving more than 60 inches of rain a year. Also can be found large swaths of agricultural land and in the south, a semi-arid environment where olive trees and wine grapes flourish.


Approximate population of the City: 85,450 (56% human, 12% half elf, 10% elf (fay), 15% goblinkind, 2% halfing, 2% dwarf, 1% Tiefling, 1% dragonborn, 1% Raelfaen Eladrin)

Approximate population of the Vallery: 6,450 (23% human, 18% half elf, 20% elf (fay), 28% goblinkind, 5% halfling, 8% dragonborn, 3% tiefling, 3% Raelfaen, 2% other)

The Valley supplies most of the food for the City.

The Fey Wild theatre outside the Wild City of Heavy Wire (Heavawyr) at the confluence of the West fork of the River Wall and the River Thorn, ten miles north of the human town of Maiah.

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