Monday, February 23, 2009

Friend or Foe in the Fungal Forest.

After the incident in the Corridor of Ancient Verse, the Party made their way to an enormous underground cavern made of limestone and hollowed out by fifty underground rivers converging. Enormous and glowing monolithic fungi populate this forested environment.

It was there that the exhausted party met Dezr Oakenmeld, a Orcish captain who had lost his party and was alone and trapped in the Fungal Forest. After a night of story telling, Tim Tigeon figured out that Dezr's party was made of the orc soldiers that he and Kaiel had killed and who were employed by Tel Omak, the Oni Lord and had come for Tiki Mumbai.

Dezr told the party of an ancient and well shielded door at the other end of the forest and he would show them, especially since it was quickly learned that Kaiel's map of the Shadow Road had the coded password to open the door.

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