Sunday, February 15, 2009

The First Leg of the Journey: a longer than expected trip

It was then that six left from Maiah: Kaiel, a priest of the Raven Queen, Tim, a ranger, Tiki, the feypact tiefling warlock, Ary, the elven wizard, Judi, a knight of Sahene, and Eartha, an elven Rogue took the heraldic cart, two magebred horses and two mules left to open the Shadow Road.

After many harrowing encounters with violent goblins protecting their wood and sabatoging fay who resist the idea of the opening of the Shadow Road, the party made it's way to Staridel Holm, a Raelfaen enclave know as Starry Gardens; home to Blendhavian, the Eladrin elder and his family made of his wife and their three sons.

It was at Starry Gardens that Ary decided to stay and study Eladrin magic.

As well, there, the vampire Etienne was possessed by a fey love spirit who bound the undead warrior to Tiki Mumbai. A curse that could only be lifted in Death.

Eartha then found in the old fort an ancient room wherein the Eladrin daughter of Oamrissa's body was discovered along with many clues about the nature of Oamrissa: a Raelfaen who still exists on the Shadow Road in an old keep called in common, Old Fang, for its jetting towers droop and form wicked crescents against the sky. In the Daughter's Chamber, Eartha discovered a secret entrance to Old Fang by way of a Goblin Trail.

Starry Gardens, as it is called in the common tongue of men. click to enlarge.

Judicia, the Silver Paladin of Sehene. Kaiel and Judi spent time together in Gavin Wel before both pursuing the quest to once again open the Shadow Path between Maiah and Niskantel.

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