Thursday, February 12, 2009

Erythia, Mountain at the center of the City

The mountain of Gavin Wel, Erythia, where the present metropolis surrounds is actually a massive ancient forge built by Raelfaen with the help of the titans, the tiefling and the ShadarKai late in the fourth age of the world nearly fifteen hundred years ago. Originally a smelting plant for the first Cathoid alloy, mined from veins in the earth and turned into weapons, armor and coin currency, local lore is replete with ancient songs of heroes who helped with creation of the forge. Now, Erythia, long drained of its cathoid, a substance now believed to have some connection to the Blight that threatens the Valley at Gavin Wel, stands as a constructed volcano with eternally rivers of molten lava running down steep canals.

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