Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tiki's family comes calling

In the middle of the night after Tim had seen Eartha go down a fay hole under an old oak and after the party had left the main road, they were surprised by an arcan onslaught of amazing power. The fiendish Ogre Mage, Tel Omad, and his tiefling consort, the daughter of Mirronus named Isabette, invoked a massive vortex of seemingly electric destruction that encircled the party. Etienne was caught in it, immediately the vampire was turned into stone.

A party of Orc captain serving Tel Omad was loosed on the party with murderous intention. Tim and Kaiel were left to fight a bloody mess. Tiki was able to pry open a subtle energy field to find and face Tel Omad and Tiki's mad cousin Isabette. A fight ensued but having seemingly gotten what they came for (a secret of the Shadow road cart? the death of Etienne? the true nature of the elaborate encounter remains a myster) the two fiends darted off into the night.

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