Sunday, February 15, 2009

A gruesome fight in front of Old Fang Keep

The party of the Shadow Road encountered the woods around Old Fang Keep where beginning to whither, a sign that Ooamrissa's studies of the Blight Power may be advancing.

Chaos gnomes riding grizzly bears, whose minds they controlled through crystal implants sprung upon the party, guarding the decrepit eladrin fortress. Tim, Kaiel, Tiki, Etienne, Eartha and Judi were able to best the lot of them.

The party failed to see night pollen fay sneak up and steal Judi's consciousness as a thief might pickpocket loose change, falling her into a deep and unreachable sleep.

Kaiel deemed it best to send one of the magebred horses back to Starry Gardens to fetch his sister Ary to see if she may be able to scy the truth of Judi's condition.

It was there that Tim found the aforementioned Goblin Trail that may take the party into the ravine and into the secret entrance of Ooamrissa's tower.

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