Friday, February 13, 2009

To Open the Shadow Road

Ary Besellyn, young elven half sister of Kaiel and Zarconus is the brilliant but affected dreaming wizard. She came with her brothers to Gavin Wel ten years ago and spent most of her time in the City's libraries.
Click to enlarge. Kaiel Bessalyn found his old friends, Tiki and Tim and hired them to escort a cart of Orcish wine from Maiah to Niskantel. The trip was only supposed be four days through wild old path called the Shadow Road. Little did Tiki and Tim know that Kaiel was hiding a dark secret and carrying it as a heavy burden.

Tim Tigeon always had an amazing ability with a bow, belying his modest upbringing on the farm. With almost a prenatural ability to read the land, it was always Tim who could find the lost goats and track the maurading wolves around the farm. Modest to a fault, Tim doesn't consider himself very good at anything, except when he is in battle where he moves with ruthless fearlessness. Tim and Kaiel have been best friends since they were boys although he is concerned about the changes in his friend since returning from the clergy at Gavin Wel.
Tiki Mumbai was always the bad girl in school. The only Tiefling in the human town of Maiah, Tiki was always teased for her innate magic abilities. Her family who still live in the Fay wild of Gavin Wel valley have largely disowned her although not her strange Fey pact that remains a source of power and curse upon her dark soul which she is only starting to understand.

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